warm light shining on NYC with love and hope for a blessed Nation
May the best days be still ahead for the great City of New York (Credit: flickr|Sam valadi)
Roger Scruton speaking to Hoover Institute
Sir Roger Scruton was a giant in pushing back woke political correctness (Credit: Hoover Institute)
CCP waited, and waited, until it is powerful enough. (Credit: hto2008 | Flickr)
an illustration of global network
Former Premier Wen Jiabao had supported protesting students 30 years ago
US/Western companies are not yet rushing back home (Credit: Pxfuel)
Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill. (Credit G Bayliss|flickr)
A place for meditation on benevolence amidst greenery and fresh mountain air (Credit: Toby Simkin/Flickr)

Tom Frazer

An enthusiast for history & civilization in China, but not the Party

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